Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is the point in the yearly cycle when momentary balance exists between light and dark; day and night.  An appropriate time for us to examine our own balance.  Does a balance exists between our poles of yin and yang, or are we prisoners of images of how we “should” behave?  As we move toward our outer nature (the light), do we honor our inner nature (the dark)?  It was Carl Jung who reminded us that without the darkness we could not see the light of the candle flame.

We’ve cycled from the Winter Solstice, the “longest night,” where the focus on the power of darkness — the richness of that unknown, dark fertile, deep part in each of us, wherein our intuitive, creative forces abide through Imbolc.  The period during which the seed that has been nurtured within breaks through the frozen earth and buds appear, and now have sprung into Spring!


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